Nikkei Asian Review (May 25, 2020) | 一般社団法人 ラテンアメリカ協会

Nikkei Asian Review (May 25, 2020)

Latin America

May 22

Winning compensation from China for coronavirus is a long shot
Legal claims stand no chance, but there are other kinds of punishment


May 22

Japan’s AGC joins project to develop coronavirus DNA vaccine
Collaboration led by biotech venture hopes to have trials out this summer

Major economies reopen but traffic still 60%: Google data
People commute, but stay away from restaurants

Fujifilm pictures new pharma-heavy identity with Avigan
Looming end to Xerox tie-up strains push into health care

Japan core inflation rate turns negative for first time in 3 years
Coronavirus outbreak pushes down prices of oil and hotels in April

October critical to assess viability of Tokyo Games: IOC’s Coates
Veteran official says vaccine no guarantee delayed Olympics can proceed in 2021

Japan to offer $112bn safety net to companies hit by pandemic
Goal is to prevent credit downgrades and help businesses get private financing

Japan seeks talks with China on rescheduling Xi’s state visit
Tokyo views leader’s trip as chance to show cooperation amid pandemic

May 23

UV sanitizer lamp zaps viruses but not skin, maker says
Ushio dials up plans for mass production in Japan

Fujitsu taps ex-fund manager to hear what market has to say
Independent director seen sharpening investor focus as company retools

Korea Inc. ditches Japan chipmaking materials for homegrown supply
Export curbs give South Korean materials makers chance to blossom

Time to experiment with 4-day working weeks: Lynda Gratton
Best-selling author says more professionals will work late at night and early morning

Uniqlo to debut ‘cool and dry’ face masks
Parent Fast Retailing to use same material as AIRism underwear

May 24

Abe to attend if G-7 holds in-person summit
Trump hopes to convene June meeting in or near Washington

Privacy in a pandemic? Contact-tracing apps gain global popularity
60 governments struggle to convince citizens to take part

Japan — land of exotic coffee beans
Farmer’s decades-old experiment pays off as globe hankers for specialty roasts

Japan must cement ties with ASEAN in health care security
Southeast Asia increasingly reliant on Tokyo for guidance and help

May 25

Japan moves forward with $1tn in new coronavirus relief
Corporate safety net main focus of second extra budget

Tokyo’s excess deaths far higher than COVID-19 count, data shows
Lack of testing and delayed numbers take blame for possible undercount

Brushing restraint aside, Uniqlo keeps doors open in Japan
‘Closing is easy,’ CEO says as casualwear chain applies lessons learned from China

Coronavirus persuades house of Nomura and its peers to go digital
Japan’s tradition-bound brokerages rethink branch-based in-person consultations

Japan to lift coronavirus alert in Tokyo and all areas
Three-stage plan and second-wave fears mean businesses face long road

Japan must learn from failure of Abe’s Russia policy
Putin has used potential transfer of Southern Kuril Islands to manipulate Tokyo