Nikkei Asian Review (Jan 4, 2022) | 一般社団法人 ラテンアメリカ協会

Nikkei Asian Review (Jan 4, 2022)

Latin America


Ecuador applies for CPTPP membership to diversify trade
South American nation seeks to reduce reliance on oil


Russia’s COVID-19 death toll climbs to world’s second highest
U.S. leads in pandemic deaths while Brazil falls to No. 3



Toyota to launch own operating system, vying with Tesla and VW
Japanese automaker looks to set industry standard with open platform


Japan misses foreign talent as companies seek strong linguists
Facing dearth of IT experts, recruiters call for focus on specialist skills

Japan nuclear research set to revive on U.S. fast-reactor project
Tokyo seeks to ensure access to tech for recycling spent fuel

Japan goes back to plastic use as COVID fuels food deliveries
Demand and production rebound after recent push for eco-friendly alternatives


Japan pushes for undersea cables to solve wind power puzzle
New budget advances effort to connect windy Hokkaido to electricity-hungry Tokyo

Record 235 COVID-19 cases reported from U.S. forces in Okinawa
All U.S. forces personal in Japan test within 24 hours after their arrival


NTT to pilot 6G network at 2025 Osaka World Expo
Japanese telecom’s tech intended to power self-driving autos and a metaverse

World’s 1st wooden satellite planned for 2023 launch in Japan
Device will burn up upon re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere

RCEP kicks in as China seeks to lead regional economic integration
Left out of world’s largest trade bloc, U.S. prepares response

Toray develops film enabling faster charging of electric vehicles
Capacitor material resists over 800 volts, can cut waiting time to 20-30 minutes

Japan’s car giants get creative to drive up brand loyalty
Toyota, Nissan target young people with ‘experiential’ stores