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Sado: A Golden Isle in the Sea of Japan [April 16]

Sado is one of Japan’s largest islands. It offers visitors stunning natural scenes, captivating cultural exper […]

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Breakfast Nirvana in Unspoiled Noto: Yuyado Sakamoto Elevates Rustic Simplicity [April 16]

MenuUsuage (thin-fried) tōfu stewed with ginkgo nutsGrilled dried deep-sea smelt (megisu)Ganmodoki (tōfu fritt […]

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Innkeeper Sakamoto Shin’ichirō on the Art of Simple Luxury [April 16]

At his tranquil, secluded inn near the northern tip of the Noto Peninsula, Sakamoto Shin’ichirō has achieved s […]

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Breakfasting with the Brewers: A Visit to the Masuichi-Ichimura Sake Brewery [April 16]

MenuRaw eggPicklesRiceMiso soupThe small town of Obuse in Nagano Prefecture, set against the scenic backdrop o […]

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“Nihonshu” Now : Behind the Global Sake Renaissance [April 16]

Sake is hot! Or to be precise, premium-grade sake (most often served slightly chilled) has taken the global ma […]

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Know Your “Nihonshu”: Understanding Sake Brewing [April 16]

Sake authority Sandō Atsuko explains the complex sake-brewing process that has developed over the centuries an […]

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Know Your “Nihonshu”: Types of Sake and Their Characteristics [April 16]

The simple term nihonshu encompasses many types of sake, spanning a wide range of flavors, aromas, and prices. […]

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Know Your “Nihonshu”: Sake Tasting Demystified [April 16]

You don’t have to be a connoisseur to enjoy sake, but you can add a rich new dimension to your enjoyment by ex […]

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A Cherry Blossom Expert’s Guide to Flower Viewing  [April 16]

In Japan, once the cherry blossoms start blooming it seems to be all anyone talks about. We asked the secretar […]

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Cherry Blossoms and Rock Formations in Onomichi, Western Japan [April 16]

Senkōji Park: A gorgeous view of Onomichi adorned with cherry trees. ・Descendants of all Japan’s “Three Great […]

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