Nikkei Asian Review (Apr 8,2020) | 一般社団法人 ラテンアメリカ協会

Nikkei Asian Review (Apr 8,2020)


April 8

Japan stands at turning point in coronavirus battle
Government should not rule out further steps to fight outbreak and save economy

Coronavirus latest: Japan argues over what businesses to close
China’s new cases double as Wuhan ends lockdown; Trump slams ‘China-centric’ WHO

Japan’s February machinery orders rise in sign of business resilience
Result comes as companies ready for large-scale coronavirus hit in coming months

WeWork sues SoftBank for reneging on $3bn tender offer
Lawsuit seeks damages for breach of contract and fiduciary duty

Avigan maker gets hometown help to secure scarce key ingredient
Toyama Prefecture will fund companies that produce A11 as China halts exports

With world on war footing, cautious Abe declares emergency
Tokyo and central government divided over which businesses to close

Less crowded, but Tokyo loop train is far from empty
More residents need to stay home to reach government’s distancing target

Konica Minolta makes public Wi-Fi safer for teleworkers in Japan
Service provides cheap alternative to VPNs and tethering

Nintendo halts Switch shipments in Japan as orders surge
Console sells for twice its usual price via online vendors

Apr 7

Screen-shunning doctors open up to telehealth in pandemic era
Face-to-face consults, paper records and cash payments still the norm in Japan

Abe says hospitals near ‘limit’ as Japan enters state of emergency
Prime minister warns infections risk ballooning to 80,000

Nissan and Honda plan thousands of US layoffs and furloughs
Automakers slash labor costs to combat economic freeze caused by coronavirus

Asian startups face cash crunch as coronavirus saps funding
Online education and health care startups in focus as VC fundraising hits 7-year low

Japan Inc. finds advantage in consumers’ new fear of touching
Electronics sector’s advanced sensors make their way into brand-new products

China’s and Baidu pile up self-driving miles in California
Gap with American rivals narrows in road tests, with R&D focus in both countries

No hanko needed: Telework forces rethink of Japan’s personal stamps
Die-hard practice becomes impractical as people are urged to work from home

Germ-killing UV lamps from Japanese headlight maker gain attention
Stanley’s sterilization tech gets second look amid coronavirus fears

Japan’s $1tn stimulus offers $18,000 to mom and pop businesses
Government offers nearly $3,000 per household to hard-hit families

ANA seeks state guarantees as it borrows $12bn
Japan emergency declaration risks further damage to weak air travel demand


Japan Inc. falls into line as state of emergency looms
Companies back efforts to curb coronavirus by implementing more teleworking

Japan’s farmers adopt smart technology to streamline rice growing
Drones and GPS-ready planters have the potential to make up for scarce workers

Coronavirus curbs Japan’s appetite for corporate dealmaking
Further decline in M&As feared after value plunges in first three months of year

Global financial markets clouded by coronavirus
Worries mount over liquidity and emerging economies

Cooped-up Japanese turn to e-commerce as options narrow
Indoor trampolines and pricey wine among the hot sellers

Japan’s key sectors prepare for virus emergency
Banks and utilities act now to keep needed services up and running