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2020.07.13 レポート「『パンデミックと戦うための諸政策:Policies to Fight the Pandemic』米州開発銀行マクロ経済報告書2020年版」

尚、今月発行予定のラテンアメリカ時報 2020年夏号には、この要約版のダイジェスト版を掲載する予定です。





Inter-American Development Bank: ‘Policies to Fight the Pandemic’ 2020 Latin American and Caribbean Macroeconomic Report

The novel coronavirus is taking a huge toll across the world, and governments in Latin America and the Caribbean are right to take aggressive measures to save lives. Within a matter of weeks, the macroeconomic outlook for the region has changed dramatically. Financing costs have risen, commodities fallen, and large losses of GDP now seem unavoidable. However, the self-imposed partial closure of the economy is anything but a normal recession, and typical countercyclical demand management, both fiscal and monetary, is likely to be inconducive. The 2020 Latin American and Caribbean Macroeconomic Report provides a diagnosis of this rapidly changing environment and proposes policy recommendations aimed to bring relief, maintain economic stability, and keep the core of the economy intact.

IDB Lab, CIAT and SoftBank partner to promote smart rice farming in Colombia

The Inter-American Development Bank, through its innovation lab – IDB LAB, approved us$2 million funding for a project that will improve the productivity and sustainability of rice farming in Colombia.