Nikkei Asian Review (Dec 2, 2021) | 一般社団法人 ラテンアメリカ協会

Nikkei Asian Review (Dec 2, 2021)

Latin America


Honduras ruling party concedes presidential election to Castro
Leftist candidate set to become country’s first female leader

Belize reaffirms support for Taiwan as doubts grow over Honduras
Only 15 countries have formal diplomatic relations with Chinese-claimed Taiwan



Empty center: Doughnut effect shapes political rift in Japan, U.S.
Will Biden be able to move toward center head of midterm?

Suzuki wants to be the Tesla of connected minicars
Japanese automaker to offer remote monitoring and other services by 2025

Sony Life staffer accused of embezzling $155m while working remotely
Japanese insurer examines oversight system as money remains missing


Japan starts to extend range of its missiles to over 1,000 km
Tokyo sees $880m move as deterrence, as China, US develop sophisticated weapons

Japan asks airlines to halt international bookings to shut out omicron
Second case of new variant prompts move by transport ministry

Japan to tighten foreigner entry exemptions to curb omicron spread
Officials look to narrow who falls under ‘public interest’

New Japan opposition leader seeks to battle LDP on policy
Kenta Izumi takes CDP helm after party’s poor showing in election

Japan’s shrinking labor pool sharpens quest for productivity
Automation a growing priority as working-age population shrinks 14% in 25 years

Japan goes on high alert after first omicron case detected
Prefectures intensify genetic analysis efforts to track variants


Japan to give internet users more control of their browsing data
Third parties will have to get user consent before they can buy information

Japan’s population drops to 126m in 2020 census, down 0.7% vs. 2015
Results highlight economic strain of shrinking workforce and more elderly

Japan’s online banks struggle to deliver blockbuster IPOs
Low valuations indicate limited excitement for Rakuten and SBI units

Japan struggles to nail down Kishida visit to White House
New prime minister yearns early visit, but Biden focused on domestic issues

Auto chip shortage shows new sign of easing as inventories rise
Renesas and other suppliers see 1st uptick in 9 months, but demand remains high