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We, JALAC regularly introduce the articles with links on the latest news from Japan published on the Nippon Communications Foundation’s English WEB site “”. The news articles will help readers to learn the latest politics, economics, society, and culture in Japan. is published in seven languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Arabic, and Russian and is produced by the Nippon Communications Foundation with support from the Nippon Foundation. The Nippon Communications Foundation promotes understanding of Japan through web-based publishing and other activities

Smoking Rate Among Japanese Men Continues to Fall [May 22]

At 28.2%, the men’s smoking rate in Japan has dropped to just one-third of its 1966 peak, but remains high com […]

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Manabe Daito: Pushing the Boundaries Between Art and Technology [May 22]

We sat down with Rhizomatiks chief Manabe Daito to talk about his work with drones and augmented reality and h […]

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Know Your “Nihonshu”: Sake Wisdom for Guilt-Free Drinking [May 21]

Joe, a college student studying in Japan, likes what he’s tasted of nihonshu, but he has some misgivings […]

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Most International Students Opt to Stay in Japan After Graduation [May 21]

A survey of international students shows that around three-quarters of those attending universities, graduate […]

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Why Is Japan’s Consumption Tax Lower Than the OECD Average? [May 21]

At 8%, Japan’s current consumption tax rate is quite low compared to other advanced economies. This situation […]

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The Kamo Aquarium: A Yamagata Destination for Jellyfish Lovers [May 20]

The exhibits at the Tsuruoka Municipal Kamo Aquarium in Yamagata Prefecture feature over 50 jellyfish species, […]

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Beppu Onsen: Ōita Prefecture’s Premier Hot Spring Destination [May 19]

Enjoy the retro atmosphere of one of Japan’s top spa areas as you make your way to each of this Kyūshū city’s […]

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Kanazawa’s “Chayagai” Teahouse Districts Preserve the Culture of the Kaga Domain [May 18]

The three chayagai, or teahouse districts, of Kanazawa are among its most popular tourist attractions. Two of […]

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Japan’s Defense Budget and the 1% Limit [May 18]

Japan’s defense spending has been on the rise since Prime Minister Abe Shinzō returned to power in December 20 […]

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A Ride Through Nature: Hakone’s Hydrangea Train [May 18]

During Japan’s rainy season, thousands of hydrangea along the narrow track of the Hakone Tozan Railway come in […]

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