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One of the JALAC missions is to provide updates on Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) developments in a broad spectrum of policy issues, as well as the challenges of individual countries and subregions, that are of particular interests to its members.This page also highlights Japan’s (including Asia) relations with and its presence in LAC, which has evolved significantly over the years.

The purpose of this page is to diffuse news and periodical information, and research results on LAC recent developments, mostly available in English, published by various organizations of different continents, not only in the proper LAC region but also the United States, the European Union and the Asia-Pacific.

To this end, JALAC has recently formed a cooperation scheme with the Latin America-Asia Pacific Observatory, a joint initiative by three major regional organizations, ALADI, CAF and ECLAC. JALAC is also embarking a similar arrangement with the Inter-American Dialogue, Washington D.C., and is interested in expanding this type of information network with other think-tanks of the Western Hemisphere in the coming years. JALAC also invites Embassies and other offices of Latin American and Caribbean countries represented in Japan to contribute to expanding this network.